Facebook Hotel Booking Calendar

Looking for a way to generate revenue from Facebook? Why not start with a Hotel booking calendar for your hotel’s Facebook page. To the right is an image of a Facebook booking calendar that we set up for the Hilton Garden Inn Madison Wisconsin.

The calendar has it’s own secure page on their Hotels Facebook business page. The page tab reads “make a reservation”. Once the visitor click on the tab it takes them to the hotels booking calendar page. The visitor then puts in the dates of their desired stay and clicks on the submit button. The visitor then goes to brand booking engine where the visitor can view rates and ultimately make a reservation.

With millions of users, Facebook is the place to chat with your current and potential customers with the aim of making online bookings and increasing awareness of your hotel. Yes and first Facebook is social media. It is not a search engine. Your business page has people who have liked your page and can see your post  They may be people who have stayed with you before or they may have liked a post on your hotels facebook page. Bottom line they are a potential customer or a potential repeat customer.

On your hotels Facebook business page users may get a glimpse of the guest rooms if you have added room images. If may even be able to take a tour of the hotel and get an idea of the quality of your hotel. There may even be images of your staff on the site. Yes they have been exposed to your property when they are not in the buying cycle.

If they truly like your hotel, they have liked your hotels Facebook page and they are thinking about staying in your market, why not make it easy for them by adding a booking calendar to your Hotels Facebook page.

Don’t make them search for a link to your hotel.Make it easy for them to book a room while they are on your Facebook page. That makes sense right. It is like removing an obstacle to making a sale. They are on the page, don not make them go search the internet for a place to make a reservation. Let them make a reservation right there on your Facebook page.Provide the tools travelers need to check room rates and availability for their desired travel dates on your Facebook Page.

Call us today 714 865 4059 or complete the contact form and let us know you are interested in getting a hotel Facebook booking calendar.

Scribner Hollow Lodge
Wisconsin Dells Hilton Garden Inn Facebook Page booking calendar
Wisconsin Dells Hilton Garden Inn Facebook Page booking calendar

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