Hotel Website Analytics

Hotel Website Analytics

Hotel Website Analytics is pretty much the same for any online assets. Website analytics are a process of tracking and analyzing the behavior, location, time on site, and other information about the visitors to your hotels web site and utilizing that information to drive online revenue for your hotel. Proper use of analytics begins with identifying KPIs (key performance indicators) and setting up your analytics software to measure those Key Performance indicators. Some basic KPIs may include:

  • Click through Rate
  • Unique Visitors
  • Time Spent on Site
  • Goal Conversion Ratios
  • Cost per Visitor acquisition
  • Cost per visitor Ad Spend
  • Return on Investment
  • RPV (revenue per visit)
  • RPC (revenue per conversion)

Bottom-line, analytics can be set up to monitor statistics that are important to you, your hotel and your staff. Analytics can provide you with important and useful information. It can tell you where your customers are coming from, some programs can determine site visitors down to the zip code in which you customers live. It can tell you which keywords, pages, links from referral sites that are effective for generating online revenue.

Once KPI benchmarks are established, testing can begin. This means making changes to your design, ad copy, landing pages and other components of your online marketing strategy and measuring the results in efforts to improve your strategy. Once there are enough statistics gathered, a winner is determined and then another test is begun to test that winner. This process is an ongoing test. Even incremental improves can mean thousands of dollars in revenue for your hotel.

Bottom-line is make an investment in your hotels website design and hotel internet marketing strategy. Prepare yourself for success. Take action to level the playing field with your competitors, or get a competitive advantage within your competitive set of hotels by developing an external hotel website as part of your overall marketing strategy.

Website reporting analytics with industry benchmarketing that tracks visitor volume, page views, keyword source, search engine source, time on site bounce rates and most importantly conversions.

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Hotel website analytics goal sessions graph from Google Analytics
Hotel Website Analytics

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